Bangladesh"The country of Bengal", officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh is a sovereign state in South Asia. It forms the largest and eastern portion the ethno-linguistic region of Bengal. Located at the apex of the Bay of Bengal, the country is bordered by India and Myanmar. Dhaka is the capital. Currency is taka. Population is 156.6 million in 2013.


Bangladesh is a developing country, with a market-based mixed economy and is listed as one of the Next Eleven emerging markets. The per capita income of Bangladesh was US$1,190 in 2014, with a GDP of US$209 billion.


The educational system in Bangladesh is three-tiered and highly subsidized. The government of Bangladesh operates many schools in the primary, secondary, and higher secondary levels. Quality of medical education, performance of medical students and graduates and provision of effective health care are interrelated. Establishment of Centre for Medical Education (CME) in the early 1980s and initiation of the Further Improvement of Medical Colleges (FIMC) Project in the early 1990s. Last decade can be considered as the “golden age” of medical education in Bangladesh establishment of the Mitford Medical School and Hospital at Dhaka in the early 20th century.


The official and de facto national language of Bangladesh is Bangla. It serves as the lingua franc of the nation, with 98% of Bangladesh is fluent in Standard Bangla or Bangla dialects as their native language.


Ancient and classical Bengal. Stone age tools found in the Greater Bengal region indicate human habitation for over 20,000 years. Remnants of Copper Age settlements date back 4,000 years.


The geography of Bangladesh is divided between three regions. Most of the country is dominated by the fertile Ganges-Brahmaputra delta. The north-east and south-east are home to evergreen hill ranges.


Bangladesh has a tropical monsoon climate characterized by wide seasonal variations in rainfall, high temperatures, and high humidity. Regional climatic differences in this flat country are minor. Three seasons are generally recognized: a hot, muggy summer from March to June; a hot, humid and rainy monsoon season from June to November; and a warm-hot, dry winter from December to February.

Advantages of MBBS in Bangladesh

• Teaching is in English
• World Class Infrastructure
• Simple admission and visa procedure
• No entrance exam or interview
• No need to learn any foreign language
• Education system similar to India in respect to Syllabus, StudyPattern, Duration of Study, etc.
• The culture and food habits are similar to India
• Tropical weather like India
• All Universities are recognized by MCI & WHO
• Extremely affordable cost of education &cost of living- Just One Fourth the cost in India
• High International quality of education
• Students from India, Nepal and other Asian Countries already studying in Bangladesh.

Name of Universities/ Colleges

1. President Abdul Hamid Medical College
2. Dhaka Community Medical College
3. Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical Colleg
4. Jalalabad Ragib Rabeya Medical College
5. Bashundhara addin Medical College
6. Addin Sakina Women's Medical College
7. Mainamoti Medical College
8. Addin Women's Medical College
9. City Medical Collegee
10. Popular Medical College

MBBS In Bangladesh Fees 2018-2019

Sr. No. Name of Universities/ Colleges Total Fees
in USD($)
First Year Fees
in USD($)
Hostel and Food
Per Month
1 President Abdul Hamid Medical College $36000 with hostel $14000 Include
2 Dhaka Community Medical College $42000 with hostel $18000 Include
3 Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College $40000 with hostel $20000 Include
4 Jalalabad Ragib Rabeya Medical College $42900 with hostel $16000 Include
5 Bashundhara addin Medical College $36000 $17000 $100
6 Addin Sakina Women's Medical College $36000 usd with hostel $18000 Include
7 Mainamoti Medical College $38000 usd with hostel $12000 Include
8 Addin Women's Medical College $3900 $19000 $162
9 City Medical College $40000 with hostel $18000 Include
10 Popular Medical College $45000 with hostel $20000 Include

Note: Rest of the Fees can be Payable by Installment.