Infinity Education Consultancy has been engaged in educational consultancy for guiding students and parents in seeking admission in various reputed Medical, Engineering & Management Universities (Colleges) in India / Abroad IGOS is committed to providing a quality environment in which students feel safe and are motivated to achieve academically, socially and emotionally in preparation for the challenges and execrations of higher learning in an evolving society.

Our organization has a single-minded focus to guide students to the best possible. Institutions, thus enabling them to build their future. Using our expertise and vast experience we can identify the most suitable university of each student. We are the stepping-stones to their future and remember that our success is directly linked to their success.


"To excel as a leading global professional institute to provide skilled professionals to the inducstry and contribute to nation building through social, economic, technological and moral development of the society".


"TO provide better guidance / Counseling by which character is build, strength of the mind is increased, the intellect is sharpened and by which one can stand on one's own feet."


Choosing a right career option is the most vital decision in everyone's life. Students may goes through a dilemma of choosing a career after completing their 10th, 12th or graduation. Apart from the top paying and common career options such as medical, engineering, Management, Chartered Accountancy etc., numerous other options are available in the field of Health Care, Travel and Tourism, Media and so on. The choice of a career depends on the job prospects of the field and most certainly the interest of the candidate.

We are counseling to students on career, which gives detailed information on how one can get into a particular careen field; what they have study in that field; career prospects available for the same and the institutes conducting courses in the subject.

Many people will, at some point in their lives, find themselves in the role of a counselor without having a true understanding of the concept of counseling or what the role of the professional counselor entails.

There is a big difference between a professional counselor and a person who uses some counseling skills as part of their role, for example their role as a friend or colleague.

A professional counselor is a highly trained individual who is able to use a different range of counseling approaches with their clients.

The Role of IE as a Counselor

First and foremost the we at IE consider that no two people are alike.
1. All students doesn't understand the same language in the same way; their understanding will always be linked to their personal experience of the world.

2. Therefore, during the counseling process at IE, it is important that not to fit students into our idea of what students should be and how they should act.

3. Our role is to enable the students to explore many aspects of their life and feelings, by talking openly and freely. Talking in such a way it is rarely possible with family or friends, who are likely to be emotionally involved and have opinions and biases that may be detrimental to the success of the counseling.

4. We are not emotionally involved with the students and does not become so during counseling sessions. Our counselors gives the students an opportunity to express difficult feelings such as anger, resentment, guilt and fear in a confidential environment.

5. Our counselors encourage the students to examine parts of their lives that they may have found difficult or impossible to face before. On the basis of facts we assure to get the perfect interest from the students to choose the further course of study.

6. Our effective counseling reduces confusion, allowing the students to make effective decisions to choose the proper course of their interest to succeed in their lives.

7. We believe counseling is just not advice-giving and is not acting on someone else's behalf besides that counsellor plays a major role of a life coach.

8. Our ultimate aim of counseling at IE is to enable the students to make their own choices, reach their own decisions and to act upon them accordingly.